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Asia Valves Corporation
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Modentic Industrial Corp.
Modentic Industrial Corp. was founded in Taiwan in 1982. With decades experience in the field, Modentic now is definitely a professional manufacturer of high quality industrial and aseptic valves. The production lines located in Taiwan, mainland China, and Vietnam offering the items by bar, forging or castings.

Kevinsteel Corp.
Kevin Steel Corporation was established in 1993, as a subsidiary company under Modentic Group, which initially emphasized in superalloy products. In order to keep up with the various demands today, Kevin Steel has expanded to be specialized not only in Ball Valves, but also in Gate, Globe and Check Valves. Furthermore, these valves are available in stock for alloy materials, such as Hastelloy and Alloy 20. 

Modentic Valves Corp.
Modentic Valve Corp.(Nanjing) was founded by MD(Taiwan) in 1997. Thanks to the well cooperation with many overseas leading manufacturers of all kinds of valves and fittings and control systems, we are specialized in selling Valves and Fittings from abroad in Chinese market and Manufacturing Valves
and Fittings to meet the needs of GLOBAL USERS.

Modentic Group
Modentic Group Main Site

Asia Valves Corporation, HCM, Vietnam

Part of the Kevin Steel Group, Asia Valves Corporation (Vietnam) is incorporated in 2007 as a Service
Centre and Warehouse, providing one-stop solution for all the valve and fitting needs of engineering
companies and end users.

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