Inline Sampling Ball Valves SSV-B Series
for safe and representative sampling of aggressive or even toxic liquids from pressurized pipelines or vessels, without any process interruptions.

Modular Design
Inline Sampling Ball Valves SSV-B Series are available as DIN- or ANSI-valves, with standard handlever for 90° operation. The valves are distinguished by its dead-space-free design as well as the extremely short outlet way for the representative sample.
The sturdy bodies are made of stainless steel casting 1.4408 (CF-8M) or optional with resistant linings such as PFA or PFA-AS (anti-static).

• Full-port design, no pressure drop
• Only one opening to the atmosphere
• Easy and safe operation handlever, optionally with pneum. quarter turn   actuator
• One-piece ball/shaft, PFA-encapsulated, for defined sampling volume of   approx. 45 ml
• All-purpose valve unit – installation on large size pipelines, vessels etc.
• Sizes DN15 - 80 PN16, ½" - 3"-150lbs
• Face to face acc. to EN 558-1, range 1

Options / Accessories
• Bodies with heating jacket
• Bottle support, adjustable
• Flange plate for 180° operation
• Safety cabinet with inspection windows
• Flanges with groove, PN40, ANSI 300lbs etc.
• Safety padlock
• Activated carbon filter
• Vertical adapter
• Metal safety basket

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